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February 21 2013


Girişimcilerin iş fikirlerini 54 saat süren bir maratonda şirket kurma aşamasına getirmesini sağlayan Startup Weekend  başlıyor.


Ege bölgesinde ilk kez düzenlenecek olan Startup Weekend, İzmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi ev sahipliğiyle girişimcilerin fikirlerini hayata geçirmeye yardımcı olacak. 1 Mart Cuma günü başlayacak olan etkinlik, 3 Mart Pazar gününe kadar devam edecek.

Bu etkinlik, başka başarı hikayelerini dinlemek yerine sana kendi başarı hikayeni 54 saat içinde yazıp hayata geçirebileceğin bir platform sunuyor. 1 Mart Cuma günü, İzmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi D blok fuaye alanında yapılacak olan açılış konuşmaları sonrasında, katılımcılar fikirlerini jüri ve mentorlar ile paylaşacaklar. Daha sonra sunulan fikirler içinden en iyilerini seçip takımlarını kuracaklar ve seçilen ekip 54 saat boyunca, 6 mentorun desteğiyle fikirlerini ürün aşamasına getirecekler ve etkinlik sonunda yapılacak oylama ile kazanan takımlar açıklanacak.

Katılımcılar 3 Mart Pazar günü, İzmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi D blok fuaye alanında yapacakları final sunumları ile iş fikirlerini girişime çevirebilecekler.

Kayıt: izmir.startupweekend.org

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Baran Eryılmaz


0536 962 88 55

Building Opportunity out of Science and Technology (BOOST)
November 30 2012

We invite you to apply for the Applied Technology Commercialization Program, an English-only program funded by the U.S. State Department’s Building Opportunity out of Science and Technology (BOOST) initiative, in partnership with the University of Texas at Austin’s IC2 Institute, the Turkish Technology Development Foundation, and the Bilkent Cyberpark. 

Applications will be accepted from entrepreneurs with ideas, as well as individual team members from the public and private sector who have an interest in technology management and commercialization.  The application period closes  January 11, 2013. 

Application forms are available at http://www.uttp.org/how-to-apply/

Watch videos and download a presentation explaining the competition at http://www.uttp.org/downloads/.  


This program will provide technology transfer and commercialization training for 10 selected Turkish teams from February to May 2013.  Ten entrepreneur applicants with strong technology ideas will be accepted into the program as team leaders.  They will form teams with three other technology transfer professionals (scientists, academicians, and technology commercialization professionals) who will help develop a business plan.  

The IC2 Institute will provide all 40 participants withtwelve 8-hour classroom training sessions at Bilkent Cyberpark, and additional training online.  The top team will be awarded a one week trip to the United States to participate in a workshop at the University of Texas at Austin, focusing on technology commercialization, deal negotiation, and business incubation.



Aydin Senkut`s Voyage from Turkey to the Heart of Silicon Valley
August 27 2012

Aydin Senkut was born in Istanbul to parents who were entrepreneurs (mom in executive recruiting and dad in textiles). His journey from there to Google (GOOG) and beyond provides a novel perspective on the Silicon Valley Start-up Common (SVSC).

You can reach more information from here.



Applications for the 2nd Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) competition has started. Don’t miss your chance to participate in this international competition.
August 17 2012

The U.S. Department of State and CRDF Global are pleased to announce the launch of the 2nd annual Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Tech-I competition.  The GIST initiative identifies and supports high-potential technology startups across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.  Using its online community and network of country and regional partnerships, GIST entrepreneurs can develop business skills, network, and win cash prizes.  Through incentive-based competitions and startup boot camps, GIST has celebrated, provided role models for, and mentored over 500 startups.  Last December, the GIST Tech-I Finalist competition was held in Istanbul, and in March of this year, GIST conducted a boot camp for Turkish entrepreneurs in Istanbul (see https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL792CD842B989CFA1&feature=plpp for highlights from this event).  

In regard to this year’s competition, GIST will host webinars at the end of August to help entrepreneurs fill out application forms.  Thirty (30) GIST semi-finalists will earn an all-expense-paid weekend of entrepreneurship training in Dubai this coming December and receive three months of mentorship from U.S.-based mentors.  Top winners in Dubai will receive cash prizes totaling $70,000 and win trips to Silicon Valley in summer 2013 for a 6-week GIST Accelerator Program, upon completion of which they will have the chance to receive seed funding.

1st Global Innovation through Science and Technology  participants share their experiences from the program:


GIST Tech-I semi-finalist Sinecan Bilgic

Sinecan Bilgic, an engineering student at Bilkent University, was the sole Turkish GISTech-I semi-finalist.  Her idea, GreenHouse, is a system of underground pipelines that allows people to sustainably grow and harvest tomatoes faster without hormones. 


GIST Turkey Startup Boot Camp Winner Fatma Yalcin

Fatma Yalcin is winner of the GIST’s Turkey Startup Boot Camp and founder and CEO of Curisma.com, an online platform for commerce that spotlights uniquely designed tech products.  As winner of the Startup Boot Camp, she will be part of the GIST Entrepreneurship Journey through the United States.  Fatma grew up in Mersin, went to college in the U.S., returned to work in Istanbul, and then went to the U.S. to do her MBA at MIT Sloan School of Management, during which time she foundedCurisma.com.  


Fatma Yalcin, Curisma, Woman Entrepreneur

Either the entrepreneurs are getting younger or I am getting older.  The key to this startup, Curisma, is having a smart, focused, trend-spotting, gadget geek at the head of the company.  I first met Fatma at an event that matched entrepreneurs with angel investors.  The concept of the company peaked my interest, and I went home and played around with the site.  I got a little addicted discovering new products. 

Fatma grew up in southern Turkey.  She had only been to the U.S. one time (to a summer camp in middle school), so coming to the U.S. for college was a bit of culture shock.  She went to Grinnell College in Iowa where the town has a population of under 10,000.  She loved here experience at Grinnel, where she majored in economics.  She spent her summers at home in Turkey.  Fatma spent her junior year abroad at the London School of Economics. 

After graduating college, Fatma took a job in Chicago working for an economic consulting group.  She stayed for a year and then returned to Turkey, where she worked for a freight forwarding (import/export) company in Istanbul doing international logistics.  She applied for MIT’s MBA program and began her studies in 2009.

At MIT in the Web 3.0 class, she met the person who became Curisma co-founder, Eugene Gorelik.  Eugene is a computer scientist from Latvia who moved to the U.S. at 17 working as a developer in a start-up and is now finishing his Masters in system design at MIT. 

The idea came to Fatma’s head at the beginning of her second semester at MIT, when she spent a lot of time on the web shopping for new products.  She started a blog about discovering new products but found it frustrating to find the latest and greatest products that were not mass produced.  She had to really dig down to find cool, geeky products that nobody knew about. She launched Curisma to discover cool stuff through other people - crowd sourcing new technology products.  You can follow people, and users have access to data and tools.  It’s a very targeted marketing platform. 

Within 3 months of launching the beta in October 2011, Curisma had over 15,000 users.  Get on Curisma and give it a try.  After just two years in the working world, she is pursuing her own dreams as an entrepreneur. 





"It’s Not a Small World"
April 9 2012


Scott Hartley, a contributor to the Venture Frontier of Forbes, pointed out to the growing potential of Turkish technology entrepreneurs. Hartley underlined the attractiveness of the Turkish market, indicating the investments of several global and local venture capital funds. Hartley agrees that Turkey’s entrepreneurial potential should not be overlooked.




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"Wanted: Investors for Turkey’s Hot Start-ups"
April 2 2012

A New York based non-profit organization dedicated to foster Turkish technology entrepreneurs and start-ups, Turk Tech Net, aims to match investors and  entrepreneurs by bringing 10 selected Turkish entrepreneurs to New York. Elmira Bayrasli announces this effort in her article on Forbes, also informing the reader on the obstacles Turkish entrepreneurs face in attracting foreign investment.

Photo: TurkishNY







"Harvard Dropout Thrives as Turkey E-Commerce Lures Amazon"
March 30 2012

Young Turkish entrepreneurs lead the growing e-commerce sector in Turkey: Sina Afra’s Markafoni is the second most-visited members-only shopping network in the world, while his main competitor Demet Mutlu’s Trendyol reached $100 million in revenue less than 18 months after going online. The number of venture capital firms interested in the sector increases day by day. Some say this is a temporary excitement and hype, others point out to the sector’s continuous double-digit growth for months.




"20 Turkish Startups – Hot and Heavy on E-Commerce, But Light on Marketing"
November 30 2011


The successful Turkish start-ups of the 4th Istanbul International Innovation Investors Exchange (4iX) were introduced in Matt Marshall’s article on VentureBeat last week. VentureBeat is a prominent internet newspaper on technology, money and innovation.





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“Turkey is Leading the Mobile Revolution in the Middle East”
October 14 2011

Fatih İşbecer says Middle East’s mobile market is on the rise, and Turkey is leading the way, in his article on VentureBeat. Turkey’s high rate of internet use attracts well-known corporations such as Vodafone, eBay, Telecom Italia and Intel Capital. Turkey’s rise in the mobile sector and tech-friendly environment exerts a positive influence on the dynamic Middle Eastern market.




"Turkey’s Start-ups Climb Steep Learning Curve"
September 16 2011

Ben Rooney met two of the key players of the Turkish start-up community, discussing the state of Turkey’s start-up culture with them. His article on TechEurope page of the Wall Street Journal captures the main themes of their breakfast meeting. One of the players, İhsan Elgin, is the executive director of Özyeğin University’s center for entrepreneurship. The other, Burak Büyükdemir, is the founder of an Istanbul incubator, Etohum. Elgin and Büyükdemir pointed out to the quality of the deal flow, as well as the lack of exits and inadequate number of angel investors and mentors, as the main problem with the investments on Turkish start-ups.




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